Victory for the ACT® Test and Essential Skills: Teacher Package

Victory for the ACT<sup>®</sup> Test <i>and</i> Essential Skills: Teacher Package



  • Victory for the ACT® Test, 12th Ed. Teacher's Guide
  • 1 Essential Skills, 12th Ed. Teacher's Guide
  • Victory for the ACT® Test, 12th Ed. Student Text
  • 1 Essential Skills, 12th Ed. Student Text
  • 2 Leased, Full Length, Retired ACT, Inc. ACT® Practice Exams

These jam-packed teacher's guides provide materials for presenting a complete classroom course covering all four ACT® test subject areas, plus the optional writing section.  The teacher's guides systematically present core content and skills, test-taking strategies, quizzes, and practice tests with answer explanations.  Detailed course concept outlines help instructors guide students through well-defined content.  An online resource center provides additional skill-building resources and a searchable index to guide targeted review.  Teachers also receive a copy of the student texts and two leased, full length, retired ACT, Inc. ACT® practice exams.

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