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Fri November 20, 2015


In the world of the 21st century, education is arguably one of the most valuable assets a person can obtain; it has the power to open doors that lead to new opportunities in a global society and ensure a prosperous future for those who passionately pursue it. Unfortunately, education is also one of the most expensive investments a person can make – the financial means required to even prepare for college, let alone succeed in it, have gone up exponentially in recent years. The discouraging reality is that, for some, passion alone is not enough to further their education and accomplish their dreams. Through no fault of their own, some students simply cannot afford the materials they need in order to adequately prepare for standardized tests and, as a consequence, succeed academically. Cambridge Educational Services recognizes that, not only is this not fair, but it is something that does not have to continue being a reality. This idea, that everyone can and should receive equal educational opportunities, is the inspiration behind the Cambridge Foundation Grant Award Program.

In 2001, Cambridge President David P. Waldherr created the Cambridge Foundation Grant Award Program to make a direct educational investment in the future of disadvantaged, low-income and underserved student populations by assisting schools, which, without such support, would be unable to provide college and career readiness programs to their students.  Since its inception, the Cambridge awards have assisted many of the under-funded and under-performing schools and programs nationwide by donating over $2.0 million in materials and services, more than 25 percent of which has gone to TRIO and Gear-Up programs. Additionally, the rate at which this number grows is accelerating, evident by the fact that over $500,000 was awarded just in the last year. Through our partnerships with these schools and programs, the Cambridge Foundation Grant Award Program has come closer to accomplishing its goal, but we are by no means finished - we want to continue giving educators what they need to equip their students with an adept college-ready skill set.

If you are an educator who represents students who benefit from free & reduced lunch, which Cambridge uses as an indicator for those who come from underrepresented backgrounds such as low income and minority statuses, this grant can supply you with the resources that will enable your students to be successful. These tools come in the form of materials and services, including preparation for the ACT®, SAT®, PSAT/NMSQT®, GMAT®, GRE®, LSAT®, and WorkKeys® tests, and high school materials, data, teacher curriculum, and student and teacher workshops.

At Cambridge, we believe that all students, regardless of their backgrounds, deserve equal opportunity to achieve higher education and fulfil their right to pursue their hopes and dreams. The success of this foundation is proof that this ideal can be accomplished. With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of underprivileged students by offering the very best standardized test preparation available today. If you are interested, please fill out the quick and easy application form and feel free to contact Linda Turcios (email:, phone: (847) 299-2930 ext. 244) if you have any questions. No school or program is simply a number, and we review all applications by hand. We see this donation as an investment in your students’ futures, and we hope we can help you instill an effective, sustainable college readiness program that will help your students succeed.

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