Non-Negotiable Skills Level 2: Premiere Package

Non-Negotiable Skills<sup></sup> Level 2: Premiere Package


This Premiere Package includes:

  • Non-Negotiable Skills™ Level 2, 5th Ed. Student Text
  • 1 Retired EXPLORE® Test
  • 1 Set of Diagnostic Reports

Cambridge Educational Services has created a brand-new skill-building series, structured according to a set of NASSP-recommended non-negotiable skills. Built on ACT®’s College Readiness StandardsTM, and mapped to the Common Core, Cambridge’s popular Non-Negotiable SkillsTM series is what your school needs to save your students’ futures.

While Level 1 corresponds to the 13-15 ACT® score range, Level 2 corresponds to the 16-19 ACT® score range. The Level 2 student text includes:

  • Four major skill areas (English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science) that each culminate in two Mastery Quizzes.
  • Units that include a LessonIn-Class Practice, and Exercises.
  • review of Level 1 concepts to plug student skill gaps.

Note: A minimum of twenty student classroom packages is required on a first order with Cambridge and with every new edition thereafter. Teacher Guides must also be ordered for each instructor. There is no minimum requirement after the first order. For orders that do not align with these requirements, Cambridge must charge a fee for refunds given to credit cards for the order placed. 

Price listed is for Premiere Partners Club members; Non-Premiere Partners order a-la-carte.

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