How to Know Your High Schoolers are Ready for Work

Wed May 4, 2016


With the passing of the Workforce Innovation Opportunities Act (WIOA), adult education providers are becoming more focused on preparing their students for the workforce by teaching them the necessary career skills. However, simply passing a high school equivalency test doesn’t necessarily guarantee that a student is ready to enter the workforce. Workplace skills like reading and understanding a memo, composing an effective email, or calculating someone’s change are often not taught in classes.

                While having a GED diploma will certainly help those adults in their careers, it’s also important that they develop skills required for the job before entering the workforce. After all, the main reason that people take classes as adults is to prepare them to earn a high school equivalency diploma, which in turn should boost their marketability in the job world and subsequently help them secure a job. As an adult educator, you can help your students learn those applied skills by offering a class geared towards the WorkKeys exam. Even if your students are not planning on taking the exam, the preparation process will ultimately help them to be career ready.

                The WorkKeys exam is designed to provide a new dimension—career readiness—to the standard high school equivalency exam. To pass the test, students must learn both academic and practical skills. Helping your students prepare for the WorkKeys test is easy with Cambridge’s Victory for the WorkKeys Tests books, which are designed to help students pass the WorkKeys test and obtain the National Career Readiness Certificate. With both of these certificates in hand, your students will be armed with the skills they need to start their careers.

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