Tue March 24, 2020

Dear Educator:


Everyone hopes that the COVID-19 crisis will resolve itself sooner rather than later and that life will return to normal. In the meantime, the educational cycle continues. Administrators are implementing alternative learning delivery strategies. Juniors are starting the college application process. Families are completing financial aid forms. Your seniors expect to be college freshmen in the fall. The SAT and the ACT, though rescheduled, remain critical to the success of your college and career mission.


What provisions have you made to prepare students for the mission-critical SAT or ACT? How will students get ready for the big test by June?


I know from 35 years’ experience preparing candidates for the TSI, SAT, and ACT that the best instruction is delivered by an experienced teacher in a classroom setting. But if that option is no longer available, we go to Plan B: remote learning. Cambridge via the web offers the best alternative for providing your students with highly effective test prep and core-skills reinforcement.


Cambridge has been providing remote learning services for the TSI, SAT, and ACT for 15 years. The infrastructure is in place; we have the experience; and Cambridge has a proven track record. Your students can begin preparing for the test tomorrow. Give us a call and one of our senior staff members (all of whom have advanced degrees and years of classroom and administrative experience) will help you design a program to fit the unique needs of your school and your students. Give Cambridge a call at (847) 299-2930 x367 or email us at Or visit us at


There is absolutely no charge for this consultation. Plus, your first 25 online accounts, good for any of our online programs, are automatically free.


With all the uncertainty, we cannot afford a “wait and see” attitude. We must act today in order to start tomorrow to complete the college and career mission on schedule.


David Waldherr


Cambridge Educational Services, Inc., Books - New, Des Plaines, IL
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