Cambridge offers a variety of test prep solutions for GED prep, from the classroom to self-study to preliminary materials for students who need a little more time to prepare.

Are all your students passing the GED® test the first time they take it?

Cambridge's Victory for the GED® Test program, with content aligned to the test, helps your students master key high school equivalency skills such as: 

  • reading comprehension
  • writing conventions
  • arithmetic
  • algebra
  • geometry concepts
  • scientific analysis

The program is designed for classroom-based instruction with a student workbook and a teacher's guide. Teachers receive a lesson plan and guide students through the lessons and exercises, assigning homework as appropriate.

The program features lessons and exercises focused on skills students need to succeed on the test, as well as test mechanics sections that demonstrate key test features. Our Victory student guide is used to fast track students to success in each test subject.

To learn more and for ordering information, see the student and teacher materials HERE.

Looking for Self Study Materials? 

Cambridge also provides a Studio online course for students who are studying on their own. This online course includes the same quality content as the Victory program but can be easily completed by a student studying alone. 

The course features a series of lessons the student works through to learn or refresh tested concepts. Then graded quizzes allow the student to check for understanding before moving on to the next topic. 

To learn more and for ordering information, visit THIS page.

Want to go back to the basics? 

Cambridge’s Non-Negotiable Skills™ series is ideal for students who need adult basic education or remedial instruction before moving on to a high school equivalency test preparation course.

The Non-Negotiable Skills™ series includes three volumes, each one at a different ability level for targeted instruction. With three differentiated levels, it is easy to individualize the program based on student ability and the time available.

The Non-Negotiable Skills™ series:

  • provides detailed lessons and exercises with skill-appropriate examples.
  • is designed for skill mastery in English, math, reading, and science.
  • includes up to 60 hours of practice for each level.
  • comes with detailed lesson plans so teachers know exactly what to cover based on the time they have available.

To learn more and for ordering information, see the student and teacher materials HERE.


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