Learning Style

Students exhibit a wide range of learning styles and learning preferences. Educators who can identify students’ dominant cognitive skills, study preferences and instructional orientation can provide individualized instructional activities that enable students to excel. Students who understand and actively engage their dominant learning style are more motivated and able to achieve academic excellence.

Cambridge uses specialized diagnostic and application tools developed by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) to identify students' unique learning styles.

The Learning Style Assessment Reports provide principals and teachers clear and concise information about student uniqueness. With the report, educators create a more effective and caring environment and curriculum for a diverse student body. The Learning Style Assessment Reports will accurately diagnose cognitive styles, perceptual response tendencies, and instructional preference. After seeing the reports, teachers can choose the best teaching style for their students.

The purpose of the Learning Style Profile and Learning Style Assessment Reports is to help students:

  • Achieve at higher levels.
  • Have positive attitudes towards learning.
  • Activate more personalized learning practices.
  • Display improved classroom adjustment.
  • Capitalize on their preferred learning styles.

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