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We invite you to an enjoyable and informative Testing Readiness Dinner with Cambridge Educational Services! While you enjoy food and drinks at a four star restaurant in your area, we will present a radically new perspective on testing that offers the possibility of implementing a Unified Testing Readiness Initiative (UTRI) in schools that wish to boost graduation rates, prepare students for the challenging business climate, and send more students on to college and graduate school.

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Testing Readiness Lunches & Dinners

  February 2018 City Restaurant Time
  February 6 Savannah, GA Belford's Savannah 12:00 pm
  February 8 Wisconsin Dells, WI Double Cut Charcoal Grill and Liquor Bar 7:00 pm
  February 16 Nashville, TN M. Restaurant and Bar
5:00 pm
  February 19 Kemah, TX Aquarium Restaurant
7:00 pm
  February 27 Des Moines, IA TBD 5:00 pm
  March 2018 City Restaurant Time
  March 6 Honolulu, HI TBD 11:30 am
  April 2017 City Restaurant Time
  April 4 Orlando, FL Shula's Steak House 5:00 pm
  April 5 Tampa, FL Bernini of Ybor 5:00 pm
  April 18 St. Louis, MO Carmine's Steak House 5:00 pm
  April 25 Chattanooga, TN Porter's Steakhouse 5:30 pm
  May 2017 City Restaurant Time
  May 31 Metairie, LA Vincent's Italian Cuisine 12:00 pm
  May 31 Knoxville, TN Ruth's Chris Steak House 4:30 pm
  June 2017 City Restaurant Time
  June 1st Shreveport, LA Superior's Steakhouse 12:00 pm
  June 1st Murfreesboro, TN Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen 4:30 pm
  June 6th Lafayette, LA Cafe Vermilionville 12:00 pm
  June 8th Alexandria, LA Cajun Landing Restaurant 12:00 pm
  June 13th Lake Charles, LA Harlequin Steaks & Seafood 12:00 pm
  June 15th Austin, TX Fleming's Steakhouse 12:00 pm
  July 2017 City Restaurant Time
  July 13th Nashville, TN Claimjumpers 5:15 pm
  July 18th San Francisco, CA Hornblower Cruise 7:00 pm
  July 27th Breckenridge, CO Hearthstone Restaurant 6:00 pm
  September 2017 City Restaurant Time
  September 14th Washington, DC Ruth's Chris Steakhouse 11:30 am
  September 28th Springfield, IL Augie's Front Burger 6:00 pm
  October 2017 City Restaurant Time
  October 2nd Columbia, MO Churchill's Steak and Seafood 6:00 pm
  October 16th Springfield, IL Augie's Front Burger 5:30 pm
  October 16th Salt Lake City, UT The New Yorker 5:30 pm
  October 30th Portland, OR Jake's Grill 6:00 pm
  November 2017 City Restaurant Time
  November 6th Austin, TX Paul Martin's Austin Grill 6:15 pm
  November 7th Baton Rouge, LA Sullivan's Steakhouse 12:00 pm
  November 13th Schaumburg, IL Sam & Harry's Steakhouse 5:30 pm
  November 13th Orange Beach, AL The Voyager 6:00 pm
A small fee for public school attendees may be required by law in some states.
Registration is limited to administrators and program directors only in non-profit institutions serving grades 5 and above.
Limit two people per institution.



A "Bright Star" in our "Dollars for Scholars" program, awarded a scholarship at a Testing Readiness Dinner in Little Rock, AR.

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