Welcome to Cambridge!  We are excited to once again serve the families of Chicago by providing free tutoring that truly builds skills.  Cambridge, Provider 114, is the #1 Overall Ranked Provider in CPS. Ranking determined by Cambridge using data from a study released by CPS evaluating providers on reading gains, math gains, attendance rate, and drop-out rate.

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Provider 114 Information

1)     40 FREE Tutoring Hours
a)     20 Hours Math
b)     20 Hours Reading
2)     Small Class Sizes
a)     Average 7:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
3)     Tutoring for Grades K-12
4)     ESL/ELL Support Available
Provider 114 offers 40 hours of FREE tutoring in Reading and Math. We average small class sizes of seven students to one teacher. We offer FREE tutoring for students grades K-12 and provide bi-lingual support.  In fact, our reading materials in grades K – 8 are based on phonics. By building the foundation of reading through phonics, all students, even those whose native language is not English, become strong readers.

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1)     Schedule Customized by School to Fit Your Needs
2)     Classes Held On-Site
3)     Cambridge Hires Your School’s Teachers
Provider 114 works in harmony with each school and its principal.  Each school sets the tutoring schedule based on the days and times that best fit your needs.  All of our tutoring takes place right here in your school.  The best part about having your child tutored here at school is that you don’t have to force them to sit in front of computer learning program at home.  Let’s be real about this: parents have a lot to deal with at the end of the day.  The last thing you want is to fight with your kids over learning.  Let Cambridge, one of the largest free tutoring providers in CPS, build their reading and math skills right here at school!

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1)     Highly Qualified CPS Teachers
2)     Hired From Your School
3)     Your Children Know Them
4)     No Security Risks
5)     No Behavioral Issues
6)     Retrained to Master the Cambridge Program
We hire teachers from your school because it works! This is one of the secrets to Cambridge's fabulous success.  We provide your school’s teachers with a brand new curriculum, fresh teacher training, customized lesson plans, and an extremely small class size. Think back to when you were in school and a substitute teacher showed up? Remember the chaos?  All of that is eliminated with Cambridge because our teachers know your kids, they know the school, they know the community, and they know you.  Combine all of that with a class size of about 7 kids with a great curriculum and real learning always happens!

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1)     Individual Tutoring Plans
2)     Progress Reports
3)     Session Meeting Reminder Phone Calls
4)     End of Year Report
5)     Program Diplomas
Provider 114 knows that communication is important to you.  We keep you posted and work with you every step of the way. Each child receives a customized tutoring plan and progress reports throughout the program.  Best of all, we will personally call you to remind you about tutoring and to give other important updates on your child’s learning.  If your child misses class, you will get a courtesy call. We know, like you do, that if a child attends tutoring then real learning can take place.  We do everything in our power to be sure you are well informed.  

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1)     Personalized Instruction in Reading and Math
2)     Customized Lesson Plans
3)     Colorful, Subject-Specific Books
a)     K-8 = Math Steps and Phonics/Word Study
b)     9-12 = Victory for the ACT® Test
4)     Students Get to Keep Materials
5)     Easy to Follow and Understand
The best feature of free tutoring with Cambridge, Provider 114, is our curriculum.  Each child receives and gets to keep grade level appropriate  and nationally recognized books that build the foundation of learning.  At the grammar school level, we build math and reading skills that will last a lifetime and that prepare your child for the next level. At the high school level, we use the Cambridge Victory for the ACT® Test text book that focuses on college and career readiness skills.  Every high school student is required to take the ACT® test.  Cambridge’s free tutoring helps prepare them for that important test.

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1)     Real Pre- and Post-Tests
a)     ITBS for Grades K-8
b)     ACT® tests for Grades 9-12
2)     Real Data
3)     Real Improvements
Provider 114 understands the importance of showing proof of increased learning. Cambridge uses real pre- and post-tests to evaluate your child’s strengths and weaknesses in Reading and Math. This real data allows us to customize a learning plan that will create true learning and real improvements.  Students who attend consistently show more than one full grade level improvement in both math and reading.

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1)     Served Over 10,000 CPS Students
2)     CPS Provider Since 2003
3)     Ranked #1 Overall*:
a)     Impressive Reading and Math Gains
b)     Outstanding Student Attendance
c)      Minimal Drop-Out Rates

*As determined by Cambridge using the composite of four individual rankings; based on 2007 2008 Year 5 Summative Evaluation provided by the REA Division of CPS on Reading Scores, Math Scores, Combined Scores, Attendance Rate, and Drop-Out Rate. 

SES Rankings Chart
As you can see from this bar graph, Cambridge is on top when you add together all of the categories noted from the CPS study.  

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The Cambridge Advantage

Cambridge, Provider 114, is the ONLY college readiness provider.  All of our materials are aligned with college readiness standards. We build the foundation, and we aim for success. It is important to point out that there are other good providers, and Cambridge is certainly one of the outstanding ones.  Should you pick Cambridge? If you feel your child will benefit from small class size, highly trained teachers (instead of computer programs), an outstanding “old fashion” curriculum that focuses on real reading and real math skills, then we are the right choice for you.  Cambridge develops a solid foundation for all learning in our programs, a foundation that can’t be created through a computer screen or group games.  When you're serious about your child’s future, then Cambridge is the right choice.

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