Success Stories


“With respect to test score increases, Cambridge has accomplished more in three months than anybody else has in three years.”
- Kenneth Hunter, Principal


“As part of the University of Minnesota’s Grad School Test Prep Program, we offer approximately 14 sections of GRE, GMAT, and LSAT classes each year.  Cambridge Educational Services has provided us with prompt service, quality materials, and excellent support since 1992.  Over the past 14 years the test prep courses have consistently enrolled near their maximum limit and have generated substantial revenue for the program, making it possible to support other offerings.”
- Pat Anderson, Continuing Education

Moselle Domingue

"I have had several students come by and report score improvements of 120, 110, 100, 90, 80, and 50 points on the [SAT®] verbal using your material in my class.  WE should be quite proud."
-Moselle Domingue, Teacher


"We have made impressive progress using Cambridge services to provide teachers formative data on the students in their classes."
-Dr. Mark Pomplun, Director of Assessment


“Ever since I attended the LERN conference in Washington, DC several years ago and participated in Cambridge's SAT® prep workshop, I was impressed with this company! Their materials, curriculum, interest in their clients and their programs, and the personal service make them an outstanding provider of test prep materials.”
- Jackie Addis, Director


“This class is totally radical; my SAT® verbal score rose 120 points.”


“In education, it’s hard to find things that pay dividends directly.  But this is one that pays dividends to families—I mean dollars.”
- Dr. Joseph Passantino

Sr. Mary Paul

“Cambridge is working with six of our most challenged Archdiocesan High Schools...all serve disproportionately low-income students...scores improved an average 2.1 points on the ACT® from pre-test to actual.  I have strong hope that there will be further increases with our teacher training for the schools.”
- Sr. Mary Paul McCaughey, Superintendent

Lynn Plunkett

“We have seen increases in our students’ performance on all standardized testing...ACT®, SAT®, the Georgia High School Graduation Tests, the Georgia End of Course Tests, and improvements in overall classroom performance, especially in the areas of English and math.”
- Lynn Plunkett, Superintendent


"I am 500% convinced that [Cambridge] has the BEST ACT® preparation materials on the market.   With the ACT® Victory textbook - what I consider to be the gold standard in test preparation resources - each Upward Bound student will have the opportunity to excel."
 -Mary Jo Buff, Upward Bound


“In the four years that we have been using Cambridge ACT® test prep materials, 100% of our participants have had score increases.”
- Elvie Travino, School Counselor


"[After the professional development workshop] the teachers could clearly see the gaps in student knowledge when they reviewed the data.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed, the teachers were energized and hopeful by the focus of the information received on each student.  The teachers believe that they have a clear roadmap therefore valuable teaching time will not be wasted!"
-Lynn Carter, Superintendent


“The program really gave me a place to go after school and it helped me raise my ACT® score.  I will be attending Southern Illinois University next year.”
-SES Student


"(Our SAT®) pre-test average was 309 for critical reading, 351 for math and 354 for writing.  The average scores for the post-test were 404 for critical reading, 401 for math and 433 for writing.  We are pleased with improvements since we worked with low-income first generation college students."
-Linda Davis, Educational Services


“This class is not only useful for boosting your SAT® score.  If you plan on taking any English AP class, this class will help.  The practice you get with reading comprehension is pivotal for getting a high score on the English AP tests.”


“I have utilized [Cambridge's] SAT® prep materials in my school for several years with great success.  Clearly, [Cambridge] is committed to reaching students across the country.”
- Douglas Morrissey, Director of Guidance


“The training and materials provided by Cambridge Educational Services provided a plethora of vital information…Our staff and students benefited from the instruction and activities that helped demonstrate the instructional concepts clearly.  The staff professional development engaged, informed, and motivated teachers about the importance of the ACT® and how collaboratively working together to strengthen student skills will increase student success.”
– Matt Dixon, Principal


"After four weeks of alongside the curriculum and after school ACT® preparation, one freshman student’s score improved from a 19 to a 27.  Without the GEAR UP ACT® program, this student would not have developed the confidence in her ability to aspire to a higher level."
-Lulla Wilson, Teacher

Brittany Headley

"Even though I have a pretty high GPA, I still struggle in math.  My big blue book from Cambridge has helped me tremendously.  With the additional ACT® prep, I've been able to improve my ACT® scores so that I have opportunities for a full-paid scholarship.  The geometry and algebra reviews were very helpful." 
- Brittany Headley, Upward Bound Student


"Cambridge has helped me tremendously in the college admission process, as your SAT® guide books were a great help in significantly improving my scores....  From the beginning of freshman year, it is essential to strive for a sterling GPA while establishing benchmark SAT® scores.... With the help of Cambridge Educational Services, I earned an SAT® score that placed me in good standing among competitive universities."
-James Finnegan, University Student


"Our collaboration with Cambridge provided the OCPS GEAR UP partnership with the materials and training to better prepare our cohort students for the ACT® and post-secondary curriculum."
-Dr. Alan J. Ingram, Executive Director of Federal Programs


“Things are going pretty well here at LHS.  We now have 77 Bright Flighters (31 and higher on ACT®)!  Wow, that is amazing considering they raised the bar from 30!”
- Gaylen Laster, School Counselor

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