• 18 hours of online, level-based
  • Six untimed quizzes for each subject:
    • 2 basic
    • 2 intermediate
    • 2 advanced
  • Full-length TSI test designed to tell students how likely they are to pass the TSI



  • Up to 60 hours of content and 750 practice items
  • Additional online practice
  • Extensive teacher curriculum
  • TSI Student Text1,
  • TSI Score Booster Online2,
  • Cambridge TSI Test 18A3, (print or online)
  • 18A Pre-Diagnostic Student Assessment Reports4
  • 18 hours of content and lessons
  • Short lessons and examples designed to fill skill gaps and increase scores
  • Exercise designed to verify student understanding
  • 13 units of skill-based practice
  • Covers Writing, Reading, and Math
  • Includes over 900 practice problems

Teacher's Guides

  • teacher guides provide mechanics, strategies, pointers, and additional insights so that teachers can efficiently and effectively teach a concise TSI preparation course. 
  • Instructors teach through the tested concepts using short lessons and examples, then assign and review practice exercises to verify understanding. 
  • teacher guide provides explanations for each of the workbook items so that teachers can effectively discuss workbook items students find challenging and answer any student questions.

Professional Development & Data

  • Give teachers a thorough understanding of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI®)
  • Learn about test mechanics, test structure and format
  • Gain insight into the scoring of the tests