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This page is designed for course administrators and teachers. It provides:

  • An outline of your program
  • Downloadable, printable handouts and teaching tools
  • Tips for effective implementation


No matter which curriculum you have purchased, you can expect high-quality content that’s completely customizable to your students’ needs. Our program materials can be used in a traditional classroom, a hybrid setting, for remote learning, or in a supplemental learning experience.

No matter how you implement your program, you can expect resources designed to reach every student, in line with our mission to see students everywhere take a first-rate prep course for free or at a price they can afford.

So let’s get started! Find the resources for your program by clicking on the appropriate link below. If you’re an administrator, start with our Note for Administrators page. And if you ever need anything (whether you’re an administrator or a teacher), contact us at (847) 299-2930.

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High School Equivalency (GED, HiSET, and TASC)

College Prep/Success

Learning Supports



Victory for the ACT Test
Victory for the ACT and SAT Tests
AccelePrep for the ACT Test
PrepCast for the ACT Test
Non-Negotiable Skills Levels 1–3
Essential Skills


Victory for the SAT Test
Victory for the PSAT Test
Victory for the ACT and SAT Tests
AccelePrep for the SAT Test
PrepCast for the SAT Test
Non-Negotiable Skills Levels 1–3
Essential Skills

TSIA 2.0

Credit READY! Prep for the TSIA 2.0
Credit READY! Workbook for the TSIA 2.0
PrepCast for the TSIA 2.0


AccelePrep for the WorkKeys Test

Welcome, administrator! We know that your program’s success depends both on your work coordinating and communicating as well as on your teachers’ work in the classroom. We encourage you to review the rest of the Teacher Resource Center (TRC) to familiarize yourself with the steps in your program. You will also find some resources within the TRC that will apply to you, such as submitting student Scantrons for scoring. But before you review the rest of the TRC, here are a few notes just for you.

First, if you don’t already have teachers lined up for your program, we can help. We have qualified instructors who can teach a course remotely or in person. We have an exceptionally large teacher network on call in most areas of the United States.  

Second, sign your staff up for a training before your course begins. Cambridge offers a free 30-minute orientation. Contact us at (847) 299-2930 to schedule this training. We also offer on-site and virtual train-the-trainer workshops and custom PDs to support teachers.

Third, review your order once you’ve received it. Orders received after 2 p.m. are shipped out the following business day. When an order is shipped, we will provide you with the tracking number(s). Using the tracking number(s) provided, you can follow the path of your order from our warehouse to your location.

Finally, no matter the size of your program, we’re here for you. Cambridge can handle any size project. Over the past 30 years, Cambridge has “scaled” to work with large programs, including Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Birmingham, and the State of Iowa, as well as citywide and statewide Federal programs. In the last two years, larger programs included 8,700 students in Birmingham, 2,500 in Minneapolis, and 7,800 in Iowa. And if you’re implementing a smaller program, you’re just as important to us. We’re here to help all of our customers.