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Cambridge is committed to providing world-class products & services to our valued partners.

Due to COVID-19 we transitioned the classes to an online format this past spring.  We had a very positive experience with having a Cambridge instructor provide the lessons using WebEx and continued the format for our summer program, which is currently in its third week.  We utilized the online diagnostic (or pre-test) to determine the students’ baseline performance and allow for customized instruction and practice.  Students have responded well to the online format.  I recommend it with no reservation.


Good AFTERNOON and Happy Monday! We were extremely (and I mean extremely) pleased with the online program and testing on this summer. Thank you for your follow up. If there is anything additional that we need, or if Dr. Mitchell desires that I reach out for the academic year I will definitely be in touch.

Assistant director internal operations

“Thanks, Aaron! It was a great session. I love how well grounded in research it was! I’d be glad to chat.”


We have been working with Cambridge for 3 years to support our ACT programs. Their customer service, rocket speed response to inquiries and quality test reporting are way above exceptional level. We’d strongly recommend any company or individuals to work with Cambridge.

- AA

Cambridge provides consistently exceptional service in support of our ACT offering at UW Oshkosh.  Not only does Cambridge  provide timely responses, but they offer suggestions of new products and regularly ask for feedback.  In contrast to many of the other entities we partner with, I have never encountered a problem with Cambridge.  It’s easy to see they value our partnership and are willing to go the extra mile to help us achieve success.  They make my job easy.

- JH
Outreach Program Manager

Yes. The services I use are very helpful in giving my students an idea of what to expect with the ACT. I especially love the item analysis and the other data we get back. This gives us a springboard into ACT prep for the students and lets us individualize those services based on their ACT pre-test analysis. I have also gotten very quick and painless trouble shooting services.

School Counselor