1. Pre-Testing and Course Planning

Why Pre-Test?

Pre-testing is critical for both you and your students. First, pre-testing gives your students a real testing experience and a benchmark to help them set personal score goals. We know that testing may look different this year with some students testing in-person and others testing online. We are here to help you in any situation. Second, pre-testing helps you plan your course. You can use pre-test data to identify student strengths and weaknesses, adjust your lesson plans, and track your students’ progress throughout the course. And with Cambridge’s pre-testing reports, much of this work is already done for you. Cambridge breaks down the test items and gives you item-level and test-level data about your class, and Cambridge provides customized lesson plans based on your classroom data. We know pre-testing requires a time commitment, but it is key to making your program a success.

How to Pre-Test

Pre-Testing should be completed in four steps:

  • Step 1: Prepare for Test Day
  • Step 2: Administer the Test
  • Step 3: Submit Your Answer Forms
  • Step 4: Review Your Reports


Know what materials/program you purchased*
Know how the test will be proctored
Collect all documents
Prepare and distribute your materials
Schedule the pre-test
Administer the pre-test
Review the data using Cambridge reports

*If you are a Program Administrator, you are responsible for ordering the materials and communicating all pre-testing details to your staff. If you still need to order or if you have questions about pre-testing, contact Cambridge at (847) 299-2930.