Practice Testing

Why You Should Assign Practice Tests

Students who complete four practice tests typically show 30 percent more score improvement than those students who do not complete any practice tests. Students achieve this level of improvement because practice tests:

  • reinforce test content;
  • help students become more comfortable with time restrictions and pacing;
  • reduce test anxiety through test familiarity; and
  • give students the chance to practice alternative test-taking strategies.

The practice tests are included in your students’ material. Their book also includes an answer key (and most programs include test explanations) in an appendix. Most practice tests are NOT reprinted in your teacher’s guide.

Students can also use the Score Booster for online practice if it is included in your Cambridge materials. The Score Booster, which offers full-length online practice tests, is available at

How to Use the Practice Tests

Encourage students to take the practice tests as homework. If you assign a test, discuss the testing experience in your next class. Ask students about pacing and any items they found difficult.

You can also use the practice tests as an “item bank.” If students need more practice with a particular concept, use the Item Index to find similar problems in the quizzes or practice tests and cover them in class or assign them as homework.

Scoring the Practice Tests

Cambridge offers scoring for certain practice tests. If you wish to submit Scantrons for scoring, call your Cambridge customer service representative (847-299-2930).

If you would like to score the tests yourself, use the answer key provided in your student text appendix. The appendix does not include a scoring guide, but you can compare your students’ raw scores (number correct in each section) to their pre-tests.