College, Here I Come™ Teacher Guide

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Organized into four chapters, the College, Here I Come material has been developed by working with high school, college, and university experts. The program simplifies the college process by breaking it down into step-by-step instructions. Activities are designed to introduce your students to the college application process and college life. Below is a brief description of each chapter:

  1. Why Go to College
    What are the advantages of a college degree? Are there reasons not to go to college? How do students handle obstacles in their way to achieving a degree?
  2. Ace the College Application
    This section will guide students through their college preparation journey as they identify the schools to which they will send applications, take the college entrance exams, and write winning essays.
  3. Thrive in College
    In order to do their best in class, students need to find balance and develop good study habits. This section presents tips and exercises to hone time management and studying skills. In addition, going to college is a transition to adulthood, so this section includes a chapter on money management.
  4. Civic Responsibility 101
    The final section of the course will give students a taste of a college lecture. This section covers the foundations of government and our right to free speech. Teachers can lecture and encourage class discussion to give students a taste of the college experience.

Contents: College, Here I Come Teacher Guide

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