eCelePrep for the ACT® Test

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As a supplement to your student program, Cambridge’s eCelePrep for the ACT® Test provides up to 30 hours of rigorous curricula in an interactive and self-guided format.  This online material is supported by all devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, and requires no teacher involvement.  Students have materials with them wherever internet access is available and is ideal for students working independently before test day. Students receive pre- and post-tests and lessons on the ACT’s test-mechanics, tested concepts, and strategies. Students also have access to graded practice quizzes and timed mini-tests.

In addition, our Moodle-based platform allows teachers to monitor when, and how long, a student has logged in, whether from school or home.  The teacher can also see which problems the students answered correctly or incorrectly, allowing for more effective supplementary instruction. In addition, the teacher can create logs/reports based on factors including: the group/individual, the activity (particular unit, workshop, quiz, etc.), and date.