Skills Recovery Workshop

Skills Recovery Workshop

This workshop is appropriate for three situations:

1) When students have been promoted to the next grade without obtaining mastery of appropriate grade level skills their skills deficit will accompany them throughout college and their career.

Social promotion from external pressures is the obligatory advancement of some students regardless of absence from class or achievement on exams.

2) Students needing targeted remediation because they have forgotten, never learned, or did not fully understand a skill that was taught to them.

3) Covid learning loss has resulted in one year loss of expected math gains and 2/3 year reading gains.  This situation poses a difficult challenge to teachers and students as no one is quite sure what their students have learned.

This skills workshop will meet the students at their grade level and plug in math, English, reading and science skill gaps through a targeted springboard review of core skills.  Attendees will accelerate their college and career readiness, increase classroom engagement, exceed benchmarks, avoid long-term costly remediation, and increase high school and college graduation rates.