“We have seen increases in our students’ performance on all standardized testing…ACT®, SAT®, the Georgia High School Graduation Tests, the Georgia End of Course Tests, and improvements in overall classroom performance, especially in the areas of English and math.”


“With respect to test score increases, Cambridge has accomplished more in three months than anybody else has in three years.”

Dr. AI

“Our collaboration with Cambridge provided the OCPS GEAR UP partnership with the materials and training to better prepare our cohort students for the ACT® and post-secondary curriculum.”


“[After the professional development workshop] the teachers could clearly see the gaps in student knowledge when they reviewed the data. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, the teachers were energized and hopeful by the focus of the information received on each student. The teachers believe that they have a clear roadmap therefore valuable teaching time will not […]


“I have utilized [Cambridge’s] SAT® prep materials in my school for several years with great success. Clearly, [Cambridge] is committed to reaching students across the country.”

Dr. MP

“We have made impressive progress using Cambridge services to provide teachers formative data on the students in their classes.”

Dr. JP

“In education, it’s hard to find things that pay dividends directly. But this is one that pays dividends to families—I mean dollars.”