Thank you for your continued efforts to provide essential materials and reports to better prepare for the ACT.  This year, we have 3 of our 34 Seniors 2017 to score 30 on the ACT, and one of those had a 36 in English. WHOO HOO!

The efficient and detailed testing has allowed our Upward Bound program to provide lessons to improve skills.  I can’t say enough about how Rick Hinds and his crew’s efforts to give us quick turnaround for test analysis.

As always, AARON PATTERSON ROCKS (of course you know this) but he makes sure we have everything we need.

Working with first generation and low income students can be a challenge, but Cambridge offers them hope of a way up and out of poverty.  It has become a rite of passage for students to get their own set of ACT books, and their efforts continue to amaze me!