The Data Drives Development Award

Our program accepts applications from public and private school systems, two-year and four-year colleges and universities, and non-profit organizations and associations.

Applications have a rolling deadline and will be reviewed periodically. Materials and/or services will be shipped and delivered only after approval by the Cambridge Award Program Committee, which reviews applications quarterly. Cambridge reserves the right to retain all Award Program applications. All decisions are final.

To be considered for the Cambridge Award Program and future awards you must:

  • Fully complete the attached official application
  • Fully administer the program from planning to end
  • Distribute promotional and/or administrative literature announcing the course
  • Pay your own instructors/proctors and provide classroom space
  • Provide Cambridge with copies of all promotional literature and course evaluation forms within 30 days after the end of the course
  • Provide a picture (.jpg) of your students, teachers, and/or program


  1. Awards for data are based on the percentage of your students that receive free and reduced lunch. Free and reduced lunch awards apply to data reports but not to testing booklets.
  2. No prior purchase of our materials and services is required to be eligible for this award.
  3. Awards only apply to materials and services created by Cambridge.
  4. Shipping charges are not eligible for award.
  5. Award materials cannot be returned for cash or credit.
  6. Score improvements and the picture(s) you provide may be published by Cambridge in its literature. Applying for this award automatically grants this permission to Cambridge.
  7. Selection is based on your program’s compatibility with our mission to provide previously underrepresented students with access to quality test preparation.

Any falsification of any information on this application automatically voids this application and could result in your program’s permanent disqualification.

The Data Drives Development Award
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