Now it’s time to teach! Cambridge resources are implemented in a variety of ways, from bell ringers to semester-long courses. The best courses have a few key ingredients, though: skill-building and teaching test mechanics and strategies. So we’ve curated resources to help you do both of these things well. Each resource is explained in more detail below. Some of the resources are specific to your program, such as PowerPoints corresponding to your materials. You will find those by opening the “Program-Specific Resources” folder. Other resources that are helpful for every program are included in the other folders for all teachers to review and download.

Before you begin teaching your course, attend a session with a Cambridge trainer. We will walk you through your curriculum and give you teaching tips from long-time Cambridge teachers. We offer a FREE 30-minute virtual orientation and we also offer professional development sessions both on-site and virtually. Professional development sessions can be customized to meet your needs. If you have not scheduled an orientation, call us at (847) 299-2930. Whatever your situation this school year, we’ve got you covered.

ADMINISTRATOR NOTE: Cambridge course options include:

  • Self-service (your teachers teach the material)
  • Full-service (we provide a teacher who comes on-site or teaches virtually)
  • Self-study (your students work at their own pace without a teacher