Program-Specific Resources

The following pages include downloadable resources to help you teach your specific program. Click on the name of the program you are teaching to review and download these resources. Note that if you are teaching a web course you can find program-specific resources within the course at


a. Suggestions for Revision

Cambridge publications involve the collaborative effort of skilled test preparation writers, experienced educators, and trained editors to produce a product that effectively prepares students for test day. Cambridge strives to create products that are error-free and easy to use, but occasionally we make mistakes. If you find any corrections that need to be made, or have suggestions for how we can make our products better for you, please let us know. Contact  us at or call 847-299-2930 ext. 4 for assistance.

b. Lesson Plans

These lesson plans are ideal for teachers who did not receive lesson plans after their pre-test. The plans are available in several course lengths and provide an hour-by-hour guide telling you which pages to use.

WorkKeys AccelePrep Lesson Plan

c.      Progress Reports

Print a progress report form for each of your students and have them record the number of items they answer correctly on all homework assignments. Use this as an accountability tool or for grading purposes.

WorkKeys Progress Reports