ACT Bell Ringers Reading

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HOW TO USE Essential Skills Bell Ringers – Reading

Bell Ringers:
Day 1 Main Idea (MID Basic)

Day 1-5 Basic Reading Passage I

Day 2 Identify Details (SUP Basic)

Day 3 Cause and Effect (REL Basic)

Day 4 Vocabulary (MOW Basic)

Day 5 Draw Conclusions (GEN Basic)

Day 6 Draw Conclusions (GEN Basic)

Day 6-10 Basic Reading Passage II

Day 7 Identify Details (SUP Basic)

Day 8 Cause and Effect (REL Basic)

Day 9 Vocabulary (MOW Basic)

Day 10 Draw Conclusions (GEN Basic)

Day 11 Main Idea (MID Basic)

Day 11-15 Basic Reading Passage IV

Day 12 Identify Details (SUP Basic)

Day 13 Vocabulary (MOW Basic)

Day 14 Identify Details (SUP Basic)

Day 15 Draw Conclusions (GEN Basic)

Day 16 Main Idea (MID Basic)

Day 16-20 Basic Reading Passage V

Day 17 Vocabulary (MOW Basic)

Day 18 Identify Details (SUP Basic)

Day 19 Draw Conclusions (GEN Basic)

Day 20 Main Idea (MID Basic)

Day 21 Main Idea (MID Intermediate)

Day 21-25 Intermediate Reading Passage I

Day 22 Events and Relationships (REL Intermediate)

Day 23 Identify Details (SUP Intermediate)

Day 24 Vocabulary (MOW Intermediate)

Day 25 Draw Conclusions (GEN Intermediate)

Day 26 Main Idea (MID Intermediate)

Day 26-30 Intermediate Reading Passage II

Day 27 Identify Details (SUP Intermediate)

Day 28 Order Events (REL Intermediate)

Day 29 Vocabuarly (MOW Intermediate)

Day 30 Draw Conclusions (GEN Intermediate)

Day 31 Events and Ideas (MID Intermediate)

Day 31-35 Intermediate Reading Passage III

Day 32 Identify Details (SUP Intermediate)

Day 33 Main Idea (MID Intermediate)

Day 34 Draw Conclusions (GEN Intermediate)

Day 35 Vocabulary (MOW Intermediate)

Day 36 Events and Ideas (MID Intermediate)

Day 36-40 Intermediate Reading Passage V

Day 37 Identify Details (SUP Intermediate)

Day 38 Development (REL Intermediate)

Day 39 Main Idea (MID Intermediate)

Day 40 Draw Conclusions (GEN Intermediate)

Day 41 Main Idea (MID Advanced)

Day 41-45 Advanced Reading Passage II

Day 42 Main Idea (MID Advanced)

Day 43 Draw Conclusions (GEN Advanced)

Day 44 Understand Relationships (REL Advanced)

Day 45 Use Details (SUP Advanced)

Day 46 Draw Conclusions (GEN Advanced)

Day 46-50 Advanced Reading Passage V

Day 47 TONE (MID Advanced)

Day 48 Use Details (SUP Advanced)

Day 49 Understand Relationships (REL Advanced)

Day 50 Main Idea (MID Advanced)

Day 51 Use Context Clues (MOW Advanced)

Day 51-55 Advanced Reading Passage VI

Day 52 Draw Conclusions (GEN Advanced)

Day 53 Main Idea (MID Advanced)

Day 54 Interpret Details (SUP Advanced)

Day 55 Understand Relationships (REL Advanced)

Day 56 Main Idea (MID Advanced)

Day 56-60 Advanced Reading Passage VIII

Day 57 Draw Conclusions (GEN Advanced)

Day 58 Cause and Effect (REL Advanced)

Day 59 Use Details (SUP Advanced)

Day 60 Draw Conclusions (GEN Advanced)

-PDFs of Passages-
Reading Passages Advanced

Reading Passages Basic

Reading Passages Intermediate