ACT Bell Ringers Math

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HOW TO USE Essential Skills Bell Ringers – Math

Bell Ringers:
Day 1 Fractions and Place Value (NQ Basic)

Day 2 Simple Conversions (GE Basic)

Day 3 Rounding, Ordering, and Absolute Value (NQ Intermediate)

Day 4 Prime Numbers, GCF, LCM and Factors (NQ Intermediate)

Day 5 Factors, Prime and Odds-Evens (NQ Advanced)

Day 6 Story Problems with Whole Numbers, Fractions, and Percents (AF Basic)

Day 7 Averages (SP Basic)

Day 8 Percents (AF Intermediate)

Day 9 Proportions and Rates (AF Intermediate)

Day 10 Fractions, Proportions, and Rates (AF Advanced)

Day 11 Averages (SP Basic)

Day 12 Algebra (AL Basic)

Day 13 Averages (SP Intermediate)

Day 14 Averages (SP Advanced)

Day 15 Median and Mode (SP Advanced)

Day 16 Number Line and First Quadrant (NQ Basic)

Day 17 Algebra (AL Intermediate)

Day 18 Algebra (AL Intermediate)

Day 19 Algebra (AL Intermediate)

Day 20 Quadrants, Coordinate Plane, and Length on Number Line (GE Intermediate)

Day 21 Inequalities and The Number Line (AL Intermediate; Advanced)

Day 22 Midpoint Formula and Distance Formula (GE Intermediate; Advanced)

Day 23 Slope and Linear Functions (GE, AL Intermediate)

Day 24 Linear Functions (AL Intermediate)

Day 25 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines (GE Advanced)

Day 26 Tables and Graphs (SP Basic)

Day 27 Counting and Venn Diagrams (SP Intermediate)

Day 28 Tables and Graphs (SP Intermediate)

Day 29 Permutations and Combinations (SP Advanced)

Day 30 Absolute Value Equations and Simultaneous Linear Equations (AL Advanced)

Day 31 Probability (SP Basic and Intermediate)

Day 32 Exponents and Radicals (AL Intermediate)

Day 33 Exponents (AL Intermediate)

Day 34 Tables and Graphs (SP Advanced)

Day 35 Complex Numbers (NQ Advanced)

Day 36 Scientific Notation (AL Intermediate)

Day 37 Exponents (NQ Advanced)

Day 38 Radical Equations (AL Advanced)

Day 39 Domain and Rational Equations (AL Intermediate; Advanced)

Day 40 Solving Equations with Exponents, and Interest (AL Advanced)

Day 41 Perimeter and Area of Rectangles (GE Basic)

Day 42 Factoring (AL Intermediate)

Day 43 Perimeter and Area of Triangles and Rectangles (GE Intermediate)

Day 44 Circumference and Area (GE Intermediate)

Day 45 Quadratic Formula and Factoring (AL Advanced)

Day 46 Alternate Interior Exterior angles, Corresponding Angles, Big Angle Little Angle theorem (GE Basic)

Day 47 Perpendicular Lines and a Transversal with Supplementary and Complementary Angles (GE Intermediate)

Day 48 Pythagorean Theorem (GE Intermediate; Advanced)

Day 49 30-60-90, 45-45-90 Triangles, and Similar Triangles (GE Advanced)

Day 50 Composition of Functions (FN Advanced)

Day 51 Area and Perimeter of Triangles, and Rectangles (GE Intermediate)

Day 52 Arcs, Angles, Radius, Diameter, and Multi-step Geometric Problems (GE Advanced)

Day 53 Perimeter, Area, Volume (GE Advanced)

Day 54 Area (GE Advanced)

Day 55 Parabolas and Circles (GE Advanced)

Day 56 Geometric Sequences (FN Advanced)

Day 57 Properties of Graphs (GE, FN, AL Advanced)

Day 58 Graphing Geometric Figures and Transformations (AL FN Advanced)

Day 59 Sine, Cosine, and Tangent (GE Intermediate; Advanced)

Day 60 Scale Factors (GE Advanced)